An Islamic critic on visiting our site had commented that our blog name thefreemuslim was misleading as the word “free” is opposite in meaning to the word “Muslim” which means to “submit” to God. It was an oxymoron that was intentional. The word free in thefreemuslim implied freedom to reflect and ponder upon the Quranic verses using ones own intellect, as mentioned in the holy Quran, rather than becoming like zombies and bowing to the commands of some bearded clergymen, who interpret the Quran using their own limited knowledge.

Most of the verses in the Quran are perfectly compatible with life in the 21st century and in fact, advocate democracy and human rights. Unfortunately, Islam has been hijacked by some fanatic people living in Arab countries who are trying their hardest on Arabization of the Muslims in the name of Islam. Our fight, as UK Muslims is against the Arabization of Islam. But yes, to the average reader who lacks the intellect, it can be quite confusing. Hence for the benefit of these readers the blog has been moved to a new address which is more appropriate –


A short debate with Ali Sina –

Ali Sina: You read about this horrendous murder and all you can say is that the hadith is not trustworhty? You Mulims have no humanity left in you. What are you? You are not a human.

The Free Muslim: No, Ali Sina, it is not like that. I sincerely and whole heartedly oppose this killing of an innocent person. I have voiced this on my weblog. I really wish there was a way of getting rid of this extremism. This fanaticism is something that stems from Arabization of Islam and strict adherence to some baseless collection of stories written primarily with an aim to divide humanity. We need to get rid of this fanaticism. Not only that, but I also oppose the killing of any human being in the name of Islam. It is unIslamic. This hatred stems from Hadith books which the politically influenced Mullahs are using to brain wash people. I want to put an end to this culture of Hadith following, which is rampant in Saudi Arabiaand other Middle Eastcountries and fast spreading to other parts of the world. Most Muslims I have spoken to have condemned this action. They also condemn the unIslamic arrest of Asia Bibi, a Christian living inPakistan. I wish the western countries like US & UKwould offer refugee status to her family and rescue her from those fanatic Mullahs & clerics. They are a mob of hateful people. There are good Muslims in Pakistantoo, but they can not do much against these armed terrorists. As you might be aware, a Punjab minister tried to tone down the blasphemy laws and was killed by a fanatic extremist who shot him 27 times. This is the fate of those good Muslims who try and oppose anything. The Muslims are suffering equally at the hands of these bloody extremists. It is impossible to get rid of Islam, but it is quite possible to get rid of all these false ideologies that have converted Islam from the religion of peace to the most hated religion in the world. We are humans too, but most of us are too terrorised for our own lives!

In your opinion becoming an ex-Muslim solves the problem, for me getting rid of all these false ideologies and bringing people back to the Quran, educating the people about the fallacies in the Hadith, and re-interpreting the Quran using a common sense approach and logic. Our aim ultimately is the same, to tame the Islamic society and make them think like human beings rather than animals. We both wish to make this world a peaceful place. I wish that you succeed in establishing peace, albeit in your own way.

Ali Sina: You are wrong. It is very possible to get rid of Islam. Look at us. But it is impossible is to make it moderate.
First of all you cannot get rid of the Hadith because that is the source of the sunna and the Quran says Muslims should follow the sunna of Muhammad. He was the best example and the best of creation with noble character. (heh, my foot)

Secondly the Quran is just as violent and evil as the hadith. Deception is not the solution. Truth is.

Those who believe in Islam will never follow your deception. They can see you lie and Islam is not what you preach. You may succeed deceiving a few gullible westerners, but you will never be able to convince a Muslim to not follow Muhammad and ignore the Quran. Who are you to interpret the Quran for them when they can read it and understand it perfectly well?

On the other hand once Muslims see that Muhammad was a liar, they leave Islam. This is much easier. Only truth will set us free.

No our aims are not ultimately the same. Your aim is to save Islam at any cost. You will lie and deceive in order to save your beloved bloody faith. My aim is to get rid of this filth. Our goals are diametrically opposite and you are my enemy, not a friend. You deceive, you lie, and you try to pull wool over the eyes of the non-Muslims to buy more time for Islam. I respect the terrorist more than I respect you and people like you. At least the terrorist is honest. You are not.

Your very username, “free Muslim” is a joke. Muslim means submitted, Isn’t free Muslim an oxymoron? For how long you want to deceive people? I am on your case, I will write more against people like you. I know the damage that Tariq Fatah, Zuhdi Yasser, Irshad Manji and people like them do to our cause. They do more damage than the terrorists. I will do my best to unmask these charlatans.

┬áThe Free Muslim: Fanaticism is a belief or behaviour involving uncritical zeal, particularly for an extreme religious or political cause or in some cases sports, or with an obsessive enthusiasm for a pastime or hobby. Philosopher George Santayana defines fanaticism as “redoubling your effort when you have forgotten your aim”;[1] according to Winston Churchill, “A fanatic is one who can’t change his mind and won’t change the subject”. By either description the fanatic displays very strict standards and little tolerance for contrary ideas or opinions. (Wikipedia)

– I think what you are saying is quite right. We are at opposite ends. I am for democracy and you for fanaticism. No wonder, you respect the terrorists!


I decided to end the debate there, as I did not see any point in carrying on an argument with someone who refuses to see the point and goes on arguing for the sake of argument. You can clearly spot the fallacy of “Argument Ad Hominem” in this short exchange of words that I had with him.

Argument Ad Hominem (Character Assassination)This is the fallacy of attacking a view by attacking the person who holds it.

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